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One of the very worthwhile projects run by Rice For Cambodia and managed by Shinta Mani Foundation is this monthly food distribution. These particular families have special needs, the most pressing being able to feed their families.

The fragility of life and security became very apparent to us this week when one of the families in our Sustainable Community Project lost everything in a fire. Their house, clothes, treasured belongings, all of the official documents required to receive any government services, food, absolutely everything. The local authority, through Red Cross, donated food and some money towards building a shelter.

Thanks Rotary!!

On behalf of Rotary E-Club 9790 Latrobe we were able to complete a fantastic project during our last visit to Siem Reap. The Rotary Club identified the need for the monks in Life and Hope Association to be able to store and transfer their tools when travelling to the village to build a Peace House. The trailer was custom built in Siem Reap and the shopping spree for tools also took place locally. The monks are thankful to be able to store their tools safely. Thanks to Rotary E-Club 9790 Latrobe and in particular Clive Walker for support in securing funding for this project.

Park Hyatt Siem Reap & LHA Sewing School have completed the 14th promotion with 14 girls and women and after the graduation, thirteen students were employed by sewing-shops around Siem Reap City with good salaries. One student decided to move forward to learn more for make sure that she is well prepared for being a good tailor for her future business in her hometown. On the other hand, we have already made the announcement for recruiting new students for the 15th promotion and now, we have nine applicants on hand.

We very much appreciate Park Hyatt Siem Reap Hotel and Spa for their generous and helpful funding as always.

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Peak Sneng Health Centre, in the grip of a huge spike in Dengue Fever patients, were today overwhelmed with donations including a hospital bed, new trolleys, IV poles, blood pressure machines, New Mums kits, beanies, fans, and scales. Thanks to Julia and Kelli for your generous support. And a big thank you also to Rae for the very welcome New Mums kits. The Health Centre also appreciated a donation of a box full of bed sheets from Shinta Mani Hotel.